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Drywall Texture

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Texture is best described as the ridges and valleys that you see on your walls and ceilings. Texture comes in various shapes and sizes. Some of these variations are known as skip trowel, orange peel, knock-down, acoustic and splatter.

Ceilings tend to be the most exposed part of a drywall job. Light thrown across it by ceiling fixtures really bring out any irregularities in the surface. Walls are usually broken up by furniture, windows, door or wall hangings, so their flaws are a lot less noticeable.

The most common way to treat a ceiling is with a texture to help hide any imperfections. One treatment we've used is sometimes referred to as "knockdown." For this you need to rent a sprayer and use it to "splatter" thinned joint compound onto the ceiling. There are also special texturing compounds made just for this purpose. After the mud sets up a few minutes, you flattened it with a broad taping knife.

Some people like a more "pebble-like" appearance to the ceilings. For this type of effect, you mix part mud, part paint, and part aggregate, which are small vermiculite-like particles. This type of texture doesn't get flattened out. But, as with the other texture, it'll still be necessary to scrape the over spray off the walls.  You can also get different ceiling effects by rolling the texture on instead of spraying it. You can even swirl, or "stipple" it with a stiff brush.

Texture helps to hide hairline cracks and imperfections in the drywall. Which would normally show through to the finished paint. It also helps to add character and depth to the walls and ceilings.

Retexturing the walls and ceilings will instantly increase the beauty and value to any home.

Exterior stucco house painting Interior painting of a bathroom Painting of new wood siding Kitchen cabinet refinishing
Drywall Texture

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