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Interior Painting

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Exterior stucco house painting Interior painting of a bathroom Painting of new wood siding Kitchen cabinet refinishing

Interior painting is another specialty we provide. Interior painting can range from painting newly installed doors to repainting the entire interior of your home. This can include patching, caulking, priming and furniture protection.

The first thing we do on the jobsite during interior painting is to protect your home and belongings. This normally includes moving the larger items into the center of the room and then covering them with plastic. The smaller items are moved out of the room and into an adjacent room.

The next step in interior painting is to protect the existing flooring. This can be hardwood floor, carpet, tile or vinyl. We normally cover hard flooring surfaces with rosin paper. This is a durable construction paper that will protect the floor. Softer surfaces like carpet are normally covered with canvas drop cloths.

Preparing the surface to be painted is the next step before the interior painting begins. Areas where the walls or ceilings have a lot of grease or dirt on them are washed using TSP (Tri Sodium Phosphate). After that the affected areas are primed using the appropriate primer for those areas.

Different primers are used for different types of interior painted surfaces. Oil based primers are used for lightly stained areas like crayon marks and water stains. Shellac based primers and sealers are used for heavily stained areas like fire damage. Water based primers are used on areas like new trim pieces and previously unpainted drywall.

The walls and ceilings will normally require some form of additional preparation before the interior painting begins. Caulking is one of these preparation steps. Caulk is often used around doors, windows and for cracks in the walls and ceilings. Elastomeric caulk is the best caulk used for cracks. The reason is that the caulk will stretch to keep the cracks from reappearing after the painting is finished.

Patching is another task that has to be performed before the interior painting work can begin. There are different forms of patching compounds that can be used. Spackling paste is one of these. Spackle is used for small holes in walls, ceilings, doors and trim. Spackle is useful because it dries quickly and does not shrink. This means that the hole will not show after the final painting is finished.

Joint compound is used to repair damaged drywall before the interior paint is applied. This is the same compound that is used to float out the walls and ceilings when they are being installed.  Any size hole can be repaired by using a combination of drywall and joint compound. It can also be used to texture the walls and ceilings. Joint compound is sometimes referred to as “drywall mud”.

GSP Painting has been providing interior painting services to our customers for over 33 years. We can help with the color selection and design stage of the process by using our experience in helping pick the right colors to go with any décor. Call today to schedule a free interior painting estimate.

Exterior stucco house painting Interior painting of a bathroom Painting of new wood siding Kitchen cabinet refinishing
Interior Painting

Visit our Interior Painting Photo Gallery





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