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Exterior stucco house painting Interior painting of a bathroom Painting of new wood siding Kitchen cabinet refinishing

Painting Contractors are licensed by the state to provide various types of painting services in California. These services can range from painting a kitchen to painting an apartment complex. Typical types of painting include interior, exterior, residential, commercial and decorative.

Preparation is the most important thing to an interior painting contractor. This normally includes furniture protection and priming. Furniture protection includes moving all the larger items to the center of the room and covering with plastic. Smaller items are normally removed from the room and relocated to adjacent areas. Primer is used on stains and on new surfaces to prepare them for the final coats of paint.

Exterior painting contractors concentrate on patching and caulking. Caulking is most commonly used for hairline cracks and around windows and doors. Elastomeric caulk is used most because it is designed to stretch and give. Different types of patching compounds are used for different applications. Wood patch is used on items like doors and on wood trim. After it is applied it is allowed to dry and then it is sanded smooth.

A residential painting contractor performs work on all types of residences. This includes both single family homes and apartment complexes. Most often this will include complete interior or exterior work. However, it can involve specialty types of work like cabinet refinishing, faux painting, concrete painting and custom painting. Custom painting can involve things like painting murals or using clear lacquers to seal garage floors.

A residential painting contractor may be asked to use different types of paint or different sheens for different projects. Most wet areas like kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms require the use of an enamel type of paint. This type of paint will hold up better in these areas and allow the walls to be washed if they get dirty. The common areas of a home are normally painted with a low sheen or flat paint. This is easier on the eyes and allows for more enjoyment of these rooms.

Commercial painting contractors specialize in painting commercial properties. These can include strip malls, warehouses and office buildings. The most important factor when performing work on these types of buildings is being able to work around the customers that may be entering and exiting these buildings. This will allow these businesses to remain open while the work is being performed.

Decorative painting contractors specialize in such projects as faux, cabinet refinishing and concrete staining. Cabinet refinishing is a less expensive alternative to refacing or replacing your kitchen cabinets. The old finish and stain are completely removed and new stain and clear coats are applied. This can improve the look of any kitchen remodeling project.

GSP Painting has been a licensed and insured painting contractor for over 33 years. We have extensive experience and training in all types of painting projects. Our staff can answer all of your questions and help you select the right colors for your project. Call today to schedule a free estimate from a licensed painting contractor.

Exterior stucco house painting Interior painting of a bathroom Painting of new wood siding Kitchen cabinet refinishing
Painting Contractor

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